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We get these one line emails all the time, simply saying, "Hey! Save XYZ show!", as if it was as simple as waving a magic wand. We totally understand that most people really have no clue the responsibility, commitment and money actually involved in running a campaign and making it a success. The purpose of this page is to clear up the responsibilities involved and what we are looking for in leaders who want to step up and take charge of a campaign to save their favorite Disney show.

What we have seen in the past with our involvement with Save Disney Shows, is fans will shout across the Internet how Disney needs to save their favorite show! But when it came time to get volunteers to run forums or campaigns, or financially assist us with keeping the web site and campaigns online, (especially after the Save Kim Possible movement died down) people disappeared. The development of Save Disney Shows and related campaigns, and all financial aspects that came with it, were primarily left to two people since 2007. This grew increasingly difficult over the years to keep up with, which led to some parts of the Save Disney Shows web site and the campaigns to grow stale, not to mention the great domains we lost over the years. But we still have hope for the future of Save Disney Shows!

Simply put we are looking for leaders. There will no longer be a single look and format to every Save Disney Shows related campaign. Much like some of the current owners of Save Disney Shows did with Save Lilo & Stitch, we are looking for people who will be a leader. We are looking for people who will step up and take a campaign in their own direction, and apply their own vision to it. We believe this will keep Save Disney Shows and the campaigns more interesting and less chance of becoming stale. And the less we have to focus on the upkeep of a campaign, the more we can focus on keeping Save Disney Shows up to date and fresh.

So what do we need from these leaders? We are looking for someone willing to design, develop and update their campaign web site. They will be in charge of creating and managing any forums, message boards or news feeds specific to their campaign. They will be in charge of the registration and renewal of any domains associated with their campaign. They will need to create and manage any social media pages related to their campaign like Facebook and Twitter. They should create (or find someone who can) flyers, Internet banners and avatars to promote their campaign. A leader needs to be a cheerleader as well, promoting their campaign throughout the Internet and various forums and message boards. And finally, one of the most important things for a leader to be is a guide, someone who will welcome, guide, assist and encourage current and new members of their campaign.

Yes, we can hear it now. We've heard it many times over and over again. I don't know HTML! I don't know how to design a web site! Are you crazy?! First of all, take a deep breath, relax. If you do know HTML or want to learn HTML (it is actually very easy to create a basic web site), as before we will continue to host campaigns on our web site for free. You'll get a sub-FTP account and can upload away. The only related costs you will have are the domains you choose to register and renew. And if you don't want to purchase a domain such as, you will still get and/or for free. Still not convinced on HTML? No big! We highly recommend, where you can create awesome HTML5 and Flash based sites, point and click using their templates for free, with no coding necessary! There are free and premium plans based on the space you want and whether you want to display their ads or not. Either plan you choose, you will be able to create awesome campaign web sites for little to no cost, connect your domain to it, and it may even look better than some of the stuff us old school HTML folks have created lol! Whether you choose to host your campaign with us, Wix or another web host, you still have access to all our resources, our email program, we link to you, you link to us and just like that you're part of the Save Disney Shows network.

Running a campaign takes a lot of time, commitment and sometimes money. A successful campaign doesn't run itself. That's why we need leaders who have a passion for saving the Disney shows they love! Please contact us if you wish to start a campaign, or volunteer for a campaign that has already been established. We appreciate your effort! Thank you!

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