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Save Disney Shows is fan run movement to make sure that Disney Channel fans are not ignored. For twenty years the channel would end the vast majority of their shows at 65 episodes. This tendency was called "the 65 episode rule." When Disney tried to end Kim Possible at 65, the fans pushed back and we where able to get a fourth season made. Today Save Disney Shows runs or helps organize movements for other DC shows like Lilo & Stitch the Series and Shake it Up. We cannot save all shows we have movements for, but it will be the fans who participate that will decide the fate of these shows. We can truly make a difference, together.

Please visit our About Us page for more information about our past, where we are currently and where we are headed in the future.

Visit our News page for information related to the our web site and organization, updates regarding our current campaigns and Disney related news that affects our current campaigns.

Visit our Events page for a list of upcoming events related to our current campaigns.

We have a wealth of information and resources on our How to Help page to assist you in contacting Disney to let them know you want your favorite show saved.

Most importantly, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions, or if you wish to volunteer in any way. We take all feedback very seriously, because Save Disney Shows was created and continues to be developed for you, the fans who care about the past, present and future of Disney!

We thank everyone for your continued support!

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